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Visitor Badge Log Books


Customize It!

Call us today to start designing a

Visitor Badge Log Book with your

own custom graphics and text.

The TEMPbadge® Visitor Badge Log Book is Visitor Management,

simplified! This innovative sign-in system allows you to keep

a record of your visitors and issue them a self-expiring visitor

badge – all in one easy step!

Confidential Visitor Documentation.

When a badge is filled out, a duplicate copy is recorded (which

cannot be seen by future visitors).

Self-Expiring Visitor Badges.

For added security, the badge will display a red-colored “VOID”

after the visitor has been on site for the allotted time.

Easy-to-Use, Low-Cost Solution.

This simple sign-in system can serve as a complete Visitor

Management solution without any extra equipment or software!

Easy, cost-effective solution for recording and

badging your visitors




Use our in-stock version (shown below) or create

your own custom version with your logo, name, etc.